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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our
neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and

~ News ~
Call for Candidates
Posted on Jul 27th, 2016
It is time again for the Annual "CALL FOR CANDIDATES."  Homeowners or resident who are interested in running for a position on the Board of Directors are encouraged to submit their candidate form.  Forms must be submitted no later than Friday, August 26, 2016 at 5:00 PM.  Forms were sent to all homeowners with their August statement, or you may download a form from the "Documents" section of this website.  Homeowners are encouraged to become involved in their Association.
Senior Housing Development Access Proposal
Posted on Jan 27th, 2016
The Associaiton has had several meetings with the developers of Parcel Q regarding their proposed senior housing development.  The Parcel Q property has a legal easement over existing Las Palmas Ranch property (streets) for access to their property.  During these recent meetings, homeowners requested that the developers consider other options for gaining access into their property.  Due to the configurations of River Road, Monterey County Public Works does not consider direct access from River Road feasible without a considerable realignment of River Road.  The developers have presented this new proposal for access.  While it still uses Las Palmas Ranch property, the traffic would be diverted to Parcel Q (the senior housing development) before the Las Palmas Ranch guard house.  Please review and submitt comments to the Association's Board of Directors through the Property Manager.
New Governing Documents Ready for Homeowner Vote
Posted on May 1st, 2015
After months of work, actually more than 2 years, the New Proposed Governing Documents (Bylaws and CC&R's) are ready to be sent to all homeowenrs for their approval.  On January 31, 2011 the Board of Directors approved beginning the process of re-writing the Association's Governing Documents (Bylaws and CC&R's).  Now, after some 51 months of work, countless revisions, homeowner review and comments, and several trips past two different sets of Attorneys, the Board of Directors has approved the final version and approved sending them to the homeowners for their vote and approval.
This is a very important topic for all homeowners.  In order to be approved, 75% of the members of the Association (homeowners) must vote for approval (that is 247 of 329 homes must vote YES).  The voting period for this will be extended to allow time for everyone to read and review the document and to return their ballot.
Your ballot along with an electronic version of the proposed Bylaws and CC&R's has been sent to all homeowenrs.  Please return your ballot as soon as possible.  For more information, please contact your Property Manager or any Board Member.
~ Upcoming Events ~
Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, September 8th
The Board of Directors will meet on Thursday, September 8, 2016 beginning at 6:00 PM at Brandon & Tibbs Accountants (3 Quail Run Circle, Suite 200, Salinas, CA).  All interested homeowners are encouraged to attend.

~ Survey ~
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